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location: Germany

purpose: Driving business with selfpropelled train stocked vehicles, speed by passenger eligible for office

- Every vehicle disposes speeds of an electrical drive with this obtained to 10 m/s - can be.
  The passenger provides the speed with an accelerator pedal.
- The position, the distance and the speed are - monitored to PL e (performance level, the highest safety category).
- The necessary braking distance is calculated constantly. The braking distance falls the distance becomes the speed reduced automatically.
- In addition, the speed control is carried out into dependence of the way position. At dangerous track sections or in front of and the authorized
  speed is reduced in the station. The specification of these positions is carried out for certain and flexibly and in the program is
  thus any time adaptable.
- Jedes Fahrzeug verfügt über eine fehlersichere Steuerung.
- The vehicles communicate via a special WLAN with the head office and with each other. The communication is error-proofly carried out.
- The current vehicle position and the vehicle status is shown openly on a monitor at the control post.
- The access to every vehicle is possible for service purposes about teleservice.
- All disturbing reports are archived. Plant history is transparently available with that any time.

- error-proof control (SPS)
- visualization over air monitor for the simple operation
- SEW Movidrive drive voltage system converter
- teleservice
- essential security features: Safe stop 2 (SS2), speed (SLS) limited for certain, sure of movement direction (SDI),
  Safeguard distance more for certain of braking drive (SBC), sure position
- The plant is operated as an isolation monitored net (IT net). This increases the availability and person safety.

- EN, removal by MOT south

selective brakes

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location: Snowbird, USA

purpose: Regulation of the braking efficiency of brakes to toboggan runs for the attainment of a defined speed

- Electric magnets integrated into the toboggan run operate a braking sword. The friction of the deposited coating and
  the retention force cause the braking power and leading to the reduction of the car speed.
- The braking power is regulated into dependence of the admission speed.
- speed recording with contactless sensors
- magnet drive solitary

- control Simatic (SPS)
- teleservice

- removal by MOT south and U. S. authority (AHJ)

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