Recycling Industry

Recycling Industry


location: e.g. USA, Salt Lake City

purpose: disintegration of reusable material or rest garbage as a preparation for the further processing


  • The disintegration of the material is made by rollers driven hydraulically. The crushed material is launched over conveyor belts.
  • The machines can get Mobil or operated stationarily. The drive of the mobile machines is diesel-hydraulically carried out, the drive of the stationary machines is electrical-hydraulically carried out.
  • The speed control of the waves is – carried out into dependence of the motor speed. At difficult disintegration material the waves reverse to relieve (e. g. carpet synthetic material) around the machine automatically again. The operation can be carried out – over radio model control.
  • The machine can be operated – with following facilities (e. g. sieves, separators) in the business linked together.
  • The machine transport is – carried out with an integrated caterpillar undercarriage.


  • mobile control (SPS)
  • electronic control unit (e. g. Scania, Cummins)
  • hydraulic pilot valves
  • radio remote control for undercarriage and machine functions
  • teleservice


  • NEC, UL
  • removal by U. S. authority (AHJ)